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Program Requirements

To complete the Compost and Recycling Ambassador Program (CRA) certification program, there are two program requirements: class attendance and completing volunteer hours. Community members must attend 7 of 8 classes and complete 25 volunteer hours within a year of completing the program to become a certified Compost and Recycling Ambassador. 

This program will meet for 8 weeks at the Environmental Services Bureau located at 2929 East Willow Street, Long Beach, CA 90806. Classes will be taught through lectures, hands-on activities, games, interactive discussions, and optional field trips (when available). 

Space is limited, and community members will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants will be notified and placed on a waitlist if the session reaches capacity. There is no guarantee that a space will become available while on the waitlist. 

For any questions, please email cra@longbeach.gov or call (562) 570-2869. 

Upcoming Sessions

Spring 2023

  • The Spring 2023 Program will begin on Thursday, April 6th through May 18th from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm. The reunion class (class 8) will be on Thursday, June 15th from 4:00 pm-7:00pm. 
  • Applications for the Spring 2023 Program will open on February 27th at 10:00 am and will close once the class and the waitlist reach capacity.

Fall 2023

  • The Fall 2023 Program will begin on Saturday, September 9th through October 21st from 9:00 am-12:00 pm. An additional reunion class will be scheduled.
  • Applications for the Fall 2023 Program will open on July 31st at 10:00 am and will close once the class and the waitlist reach capacity.

  • Spring 2023 Schedule






    Program Overview and an Introduction to Waste ReductionRecycling, and Composting 
    Learn program objectives, volunteer requirements, and an introduction to the topics you will be learning about.



    Let’s Talk Recycling! 
    What can and cannot be recycled and why? Learn the laws and policies that shape our recycling industry. 



    HHW and E-Waste, Food Waste Prevention, and Introduction to Backyard Composting 
    Learn how to safely dispose of items that are too toxic to trash, ways to prevent food waste at home, and the basics of backyard composting.  



    Vermicomposting and the Science of Soil and Composting 
    Continue learning the basics of composting and vermicomposting and take a closer look at soil composition and how compost can benefit it. 



    Troubleshooting, Harvesting, and Using Your Compost 
    Learn how to address common issues people may encounter while composting and how to solve them using simple troubleshooting techniques as well as how to harvest and prepare compost for use. 



    Volunteering and Encouraging Your Community to Take Action
    Learn about the ways you can volunteer and inspire the public and share your knowledge! Develop skills to connect with local community leaders and local organizations.  



    Student Presentations 
    Share what you have learned with your classmates. Students will share 2-5 minute presentations with the class. 



    Class Reunion
    Review all class topics and address any questions. Share your challenges and successes while on your composting journey. Share ideas for volunteering or current volunteer experiences with your classmates.