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What Can I Put in my City-Serviced Green Organics Cart?

Food Scraps 

Food scraps are any leftover food-based material. Examples: all meat, bones, dairy, bread, vegetables, fruits, eggs and shells, coffee grounds, cheese, pasta, ANY FOOD. Food must be removed from packaging. 

Yard Debris 

Yard debris is any plant trimmings, grass clippings, flowers, twigs and branches.

Download the Food Scraps and Yard Debris Guidelines list available in EnglishSpanishTagalogKhmer.

Items That Do Not Belong In Your City-Serviced Green Organics Cart

The following items should NOT be placed in your food scraps and yard debris cart.  

If your trash, recycling, and organics is serviced by a private hauler, please contact your haluer directly for more information about what can and cannot be placed in each cart. Guidelines and accepted materials may vary per hauler. 

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