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Private Waste Haulers

There are a limited number of private waste haulers that are permitted to haul trash and recyclables within the City of Long Beach. These haulers are permitted to haul for commercial businesses, multi-family units, special events, and construction/demolition projects.      

Businesses seeking new waste services have the following hauler options based on how much trash and recycling they are generating. 

  • Businesses that generates five cubic yards or less of solid waste, including both trash and recyclables combined, are required to have service through the City of Long Beach. Contact the City at (562) 570-2876 if you need to start service.  
  • Businesses that generate less than 5 cubic yards of solid waste per week that want to use a private hauler may contact the City at (562) 570-2876 to determine if they can use a different service provider. 
  • Businesses that generate more than 5 cubic yards of solid waste per week may utilize a private hauler and are required to have recycling and organics collection.  

City of Long Beach Approved Private Haulers

Download a list of Approved Private Haulers

  • A-Rent-A-Bin/Serv-Wel Disposal & Recycling 
    (323) 726-4056