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Energy Efficiency

LED Light
LED Taxiway Lights. LGB is converting all taxiway lights to LEDs. LEDs use less energy, are brighter than regular light bulbs and have a longer lifespan — an estimated seven to 10 years as opposed to one year for incandescent bulbs. 
Solar Power. In addition to smaller solar projects installed over the years, LGB is currently working with the City of Long Beach to host a large solar project on top of parking structures A and B. When complete, the project will generate renewable energy that will supply 70% of the energy needs for LGB's public facilities and airfield.
Aeroplex Solar Project. Modeled after a successful project at Van Nuys Airport, Aeroplex recently completed a solar project on Airport property that consists of 940 panels spanning 55,000 square feet. The project offsets emissions equivalent to one million vehicle miles traveled each year.