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Stormwater Pollution Prevention And Water Quality

LGB Garden
Water Conservation. LGB boasts drought-resistant turf, shrubs and trees throughout its campus and installed computerized irrigation controls to automatically curtail water use during winter months. LGB has replaced bathroom fixtures with low-flow and waterless fixtures to conserve water in the terminal. 
Stormwater Training. LGB provides mandatory stormwater training for Airport Operations employees and tenants in containment, clean-up and pollution prevention techniques in accordance with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) mandates of the Clean Water Act. 
Stormwater Pollution Prevention. Site-specific structural and non-structural best management practices reduce the potential for pollutants to contaminate stormwater discharges. 
Water Quality Control. LGB conducts rigorous annual stormwater sampling and testing in accordance with the State Water Resources Control Board permit requirements. Continuous deflective separation (CDS) technology is used to remove debris and contaminants from stormwater runoff. During FY21 testing, all samples tested below thresholds and most of our results were below even laboratory detection limits.