Green Programs

Travelers should know that when they fly LGB, they are choosing an airport dedicated to both passenger experience and sustainability. Long Beach Airport and its tenants are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, minimizing our impact on the environment and surrounding community with methods that are socially responsible, scientifically based and economically sound. LGB’s carbon management plan includes pledges to reduce emissions from 2016 levels, on a per passenger basis, by 20% in 2025 and 40% in 2030. City leaders have set a goal for the airport to eventually become a carbon-neutral facility. 

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Emissions Reductions
With a Level 2 Airport Carbon Accreditation rating, LGB is working toward carbon neutrality through various emission reduction initiatives, including ground power and electric chargers for ground support equipment, voluntary emission reduction programs, and more. 
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LGB Concourse
Green Building Practices And Waste Reduction
New construction at Long Beach Airport always has sustainability in mind, with eco-friendly standards in place for everything from major developments to smaller pavement projects and even mulching. LGB also boasts a commercial food scrap recycling program.  
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LGB Garden
Stormwater Pollution Prevention And Water Quality
From low-flow and waterless fixtures inside to drought-resistant landscaping outside, Long Beach Airport is committed to conserving water. The Airport also aims to reduce stormwater pollution and maintain water quality through various initiatives. 
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LED Light
Energy Efficiency
From major solar power installations to complete changeovers to more efficient LED lighting on all of its taxiways, Long Beach Airport and its on-campus tenants are a bright spot in the industry when it comes to energy efficiency. 
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