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Four Reasons to #FlyLGB

Short wait times
Fresh air
Resort-like atmosphere


Five Daily Nonstop Flights to Honolulu and Maui


City State Airline Departs LGB Arrives HI
Honolulu HI  7:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 
Honolulu HI  7:50 a.m. 10:40 a.m. 
Maui HI  8:35 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 
Maui HI   9:35 a.m. 12:35 p.m.
Honolulu HI  5:50 p.m.

 *8:35 p.m.

 *Service begins June 27, 2021


Central SoCal Location  

COVID-19 Testing and Pre-Clear Program


LGB offers two drive-thru COVID-19 testing options so that travelers may bypass the State of Hawaii's quarantine:

  • Worksite Labs, in collaboration with Hawaiian Airlines, is exclusively for Hawaiian Airlines passengers departing from any airport. They are a Trusted Testing Partner for the State of Hawaii and offer $90 PCR tests, with results guaranteed within 24 hours.
  • CityHealth, in collaboration with Southwest Airlines, is open to any ticketed LGB passenger. CityHealth is a Trusted Testing Partner for the State of Hawaii. They offer two types of tests: (1) Molecular PCR tests, which provide results within 48 hours; and (2) Rapid Molecular tests, which provide results within two hours. Both tests are accepted by the State of Hawaii and cost $20 for those with health insurance OR a U.S.-issued identification card. If the patient has neither, the cost is $220. Read our COVID-19 Testing FAQs for more information.

Long Beach Airport also offers the Hawaii Pre-Clear program for Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest Airlines, which allows travelers to bypass long waits upon their arrival in Hawaii.


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