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Emergency Alerts

Airport Emergency Notification System (ENS)

Long Beach Airport officials use timely and reliable systems to alert Airport tenants and stakeholders in the event of aircraft emergencies, natural or man-made disasters and security related events. As an Airport tenant or stakeholder, you can receive notifications by opting into this program. 

What you need to know about the Emergency Notification System (ENS):

1. Emergency alerts can only be sent by authorized officials of Long Beach Airport.

2. Emergency alerts can be issued for the following three categories:

  • Aircraft emergency

  • Natural or man-made disasters

  • Security related events

3. Emergency alerts are designed to get your attention and alert you to the notification

4. Notifications can be received on the following devices:

  • Cell Phone

  • Landline

  • Email

Joining Long Beach Airport's Emergency Notification System (ENS):

1. ENS messages are restricted to security ID holders, tenants and stakeholders, on a need to know basis. 

2. Security ID holders, tenants or stakeholders must submit an Emergency Notification System application and be approved to join the network.

3. Applications are available in the link below and must be submitted to LGB-ENS@longbeach.gov for approval.

Click here for the Emergency Notification Application


AlertLongBeach is an emergency notification system used by the City of Long Beach to issue emergency alerts to residents and businesses. Unlike the Airport Emergency Notification System, there are no restrictions on who may sign up for AlertLongBeach.

In the event of an emergency, severe weather, or any incident that impacts City of Long Beach operations, a text message and/or voice message will be sent to the cell number and/or email address that you specify.

Sign up with AlertLongBeach to receive emergency notifications to your mobile phone and/or email address.

Click here to sign up with Alert Long Beach.