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Face masks covering nose and mouth are recommended for all patrons when in library buildings.

Kajeet Education Broadband™ Educational Filters

Kajeet Education Broadband™ provides CIPA-compliant filters intended for educational use.

Fair Use Policy

Education Broadband is designed to block inappropriate content and minimize non-educational activities that consume bandwidth and drive up costs for the entire system.

Kajeet works with schools and districts to ensure any site required for student success is allowed and legitimately used for education. Their Fair-Use policy adapts frequently as the Internet evolves, new protocols emerge, and new apps present threats or distractions.

In the event Kajeet detects bandwidth consumption inconsistent with educational use, Kajeet may temporarily block such service while conducting further review. This learning system allows Kajeet to continually refine their Complete Service to deliver the most cost-effective education broadband service possible and to identify new potential threats to student learners quickly and efficiently. View Kajeet's full Fair Use Policy for more information.

Default Filters for Higher Ed/Adult

Adult Content/Images/Nudity/Pornography Blocked
Non-Educational Games Blocked
Entertainment/Streaming Media Blocked
Adware/Infected Hosts/Malformed URL/Phishing/Viruses/Web Proxy Blocked
Match Making/Pay-to-Surf/Peer-to-Peer Blocked
Alcohol/Tobacco/Gambling/Substance Abuse Allowed
Hate Speech/Extreme/Occult Allowed
Criminal Skills/Weapons Allowed
Skype/File Transfer/pcAnyware Allowed
RTSP/Real Player/Media Player Allowed
Social Networking Allowed
iTunes Allowed
Advertising/Classified Allowed
Sex Education Allowed
Phone Cards Allowed
Web Email Allowed
G-Suite Allowed
Google SafeSearch/YouTube Restricted Mode Enforced

Google SafeSearch

Kajeet supports Google® SafeSearch™. Google SafeSearch blocks adult content in which search results, images, and videos that have been deemed as adult content. With Google SafeSearch on, sexually explicit video and images will be filtered from Google Search result pages, along with results that might link to explicit content. Please note that no search filter is 100% accurate, but Google SafeSearch can help avoid most adult content.

YouTube Restricted Mode

Kajeet supports YouTube® Restricted Mode™. YouTube® Restricted Mode™ is a default Google setting that helps filter out potentially inappropriate content that schools and districts do not want students to stumble across while using YouTube for class assignments. You can think of it as a parental control setting for YouTube. While it’s not 100% accurate, YouTube uses community flagging, age-restrictions, and other signals to identify and filter out inappropriate content.

Although Kajeet enforces YouTube Restricted Mode, Kajeet still supports GAE specific YouTube settings.