BrainFuse HelpNow has tools to propel you to the top of your class and beyond.

During the month of April, Long Beach Public Library is promoting BrainFuse HelpNow.

This FREE online resource connects students of all ages with experts for live homework help and tutoring (Spanish-speaking tutors available). HelpNow also offers video lessons to build skills in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, and other school subjects, as well as U.S.Citizenship, GED prep, and Chess.

Struggling with writer’s block while writing your report? Go to HelpNow. Not sure how to solve that math problem? Go to HelpNow. Need help conjugating those Spanish verbs? Go to HelpNow. Studying for your SQL certification? That’s right! Go to HelpNow. HelpNow can HelpYou achieve your education goals!

HelpNow is in the Digital Library on the Library’s website.