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LBPL Is Fine Free!

Feelin' Fine: LBPL is now fine free!

Long Beach Public Library has eliminated fines for overdue books and materials. This means that past, present, and future overdue fines for materials will no longer be charged.

If items are overdue, you will continue to receive reminder notices to return checked out items and you must return these to the Library before checking out new ones.

You will still be charged a fee for any materials that are lost (unreturned) or damaged.

The burden of overdue fines can create financial strain for low-income families and can contribute to a cycle of economic hardship. Fines can have a disproportionate impact on vulnerable individuals, particularly youth, non-citizens, and people of color. For these reasons, many libraries around the country are eliminating fines. Long Beach is excited to be a new member of fine free libraries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a fine and a fee?

Overdue fines are the daily charges applied to items not returned by their specified due date. These are the fines that are no longer charged to patrons. Fees represent the charges applied for lost (unreturned) or damaged materials.

Are fees still being charged at the Library?

Yes, fees still apply to lost or damaged materials. In addition, fees will be incurred for services including copying/printing, interlibrary loans, and facility rentals.

Can I keep library materials indefinitely?

Patrons are encouraged to return materials in a timely fashion to the Library so others may enjoy these shared resources. Items that are 30 days overdue will move to a "lost" status and patrons will be billed for their replacement. Patrons will continue to be responsible for reconciling any lost items or fees on their library account by either returning the item(s) or paying the replacement fee. Patrons with a billed status over $20 on their library account fall out of good standing.

How will the elimination of fines affect the Library’s budget?

Eliminating this revenue will not affect Library collections, technology, programs, or services. Eliminating fines is fiscally responsible. Due to the rise in electronic materials, which do not accrue late fines, fines are not a sustainable form of revenue for the Library. Money collected from fines and fees has gone down steadily for the past 10 years.

I have always thought of paying my fines as my donation to the library. Can I still donate?

Yes, donations to the Library can be made through the Friends of the Long Beach Public Library or the Long Beach Public Library Foundation. Donations help support critical Library programs and services.