MEDIA RELEASE: March natural gas price down 45 percent, marking 81 percent decrease since January
MEDIA RELEASE: Gloria Cordero reappointed to Metropolitan Water District Board
MEDIA RELEASE: Struggling customers can get $100 credit on gas bill
MEDIA RELEASE: Utilities Commission approves $7 million in assistance for gas customers
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach Utilities to set up relief program for natural gas bills
MEDIA RELEASE: February natural gas prices decrease by 66 percent
MEDIA RELEASE: Natural gas prices: Long Beach Utilities to hold special meeting Thursday
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach Utilities unveils new logo, branding
MEDIA RELEASE: Soaring natural gas prices and cold temperatures lead to much higher bills across Southern California
MEDIA RELEASE: Utility consolidation: City Council certifies election results
MEDIA RELEASE: Board of Water Commissioners appoints first all woman leadership
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach marks five straight months of water savings
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach achieves state conservation goal
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach achieves 14 percent water use savings in July
MEDIA RELEASE: Region asked to conserve more during pipeline repair
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach Water adopts 2022-2023 budget
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach Water hosts final two virtual budget workshops June 9 and June 23
MEDIA RELEASE: Water, sewer and gas utility consolidation proposal to go to City Council for consideration
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach Water to return $21 million to ratepayers following Measure M court ruling
MEDIA RELEASE: Long Beach moving to two days per week of outdoor watering amid unprecedented drought
Long Beach Water to host public budget workshops