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2014: The Year in Review

Release Date: 2014-12-30

2014 was a great year for Long Beach. Our economy improved, crime is at record lows, and our City won awards for sustainability, technology, human rights and equality, and transportation. We began moving forward on important infrastructure projects, including: Bluff Park, the North Long Beach Library, repairing seawalls in Naples, and a new Civic Center. Millions of visitors to Long Beach saw a city on the rise, a place where positive change is happening everywhere.


Some of the most notable accomplishments include:

• 36 lane miles of major and secondary streets resurfaced
• 22 miles of sidewalk replaced
• 23,500 trees trimmed
• 75,500 graffiti sites cleaned
• 35,000 potholes filled
• 182,452 tons of trash collected
• 178,000 calls for service responded to by the Police Department
• 69,000 calls for service responded to by the Fire Department
• 123,232 service orders completed by the Gas & Oil Department
• 9,120 Code Enforcement cases resolved
• 52,000 customers served at the Development Services Permit Center
• 36,000 building inspections completed
• 437 film permits issued, with a total of
• 655 production days
• 3 million commercial passengers passed through the Long Beach Airport
• 738,000 youth and teen participant days, and 465,484 senior participant days, recorded in Parks, Recreation & Marine Department programs
• 205,853 visits to City swimming pools
• 1.4 million items checked out from libraries
Please take a minute to take a look at the  2014 Year in Review. This review highlights some of the City's most important accomplishments, and provides detailed information about many of the services the City provides for residents, businesses and visitors.