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2018 Budget Release

Release Date: 2017-07-31

For the fourth consecutive year, I am presenting a balanced budget in partnership with our City Manager, Patrick West. Long Beach continues to live within our means by facing challenges in a responsible and fiscally prudent manner. We have balanced the FY 2018 budget while including large new investments in public safety, infrastructure repair, and other critical services to move Long Beach forward.

Several new revenue sources – including those passed by voters in Los Angeles County – combined with Measure A, provide significant revenues to invest in infrastructure work and public safety in Long Beach. The 2018 budget adds 47 new positions in the Police department and 18 new positions in the Fire Department. Thanks to Measure A and a new contract with Metro to patrol the Blue Line, Long Beach is adding more police officers this year than we have in decades.

Long Beach has also embarked on the largest infrastructure program in a generation. This year more than 50 miles of streets with sidewalks will be repaired, as will 34 parks, 10 libraries, and 21 other city facilities.

This budget funds four Clean Teams for our new "Clean Long Beach" initiative. These teams will be dedicated to daily corridor checks and collection efforts. This budget also increases staffing for Animal Care Services to improve our pet adoption efforts, maintains Sunday library hours, and fully funds the six-week Municipal Band schedule.

This budget also makes critical investments in technology, including upgrades to the City’s phone system, which will allow for the creation of a single phone number to access any city service; upgrades to our 911 location identification system; and enhancements of our open data portal, geo hub and website.

We have worked hard to structurally balance our budget, manage pension liabilities, and continue providing core services. This budget reflects these priorities. Residents should be proud of this fiscal responsibility and the progress that has been made.

For access to all the budget documents and maps, please visit the page.

Moving forward, we must continue to practice fiscal responsibility to keep budgets balanced, while continuing to make the significant investments to keep Long Beach a wonderful place to live and an attractive place to invest and grow a business.

I want to thank City staff who worked hard to develop this balanced budget and the City Council members who continue to work to ensure we live within our means. 

Go Long Beach,

Mayor Robert Garcia