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Public Health

Long Beach Water Temporarily Suspends Shutoffs

Release Date: 2020-03-12

Our Long Beach Water Department has announced a suspension of water shutoffs to continue supporting public health and cleanliness. No one should fear losing their water service because they can’t pay a bill during this public health crisis.

This respiratory disease outbreak, COVID-19, has no impact on the quality or supply of Long Beach’s tap water and should not disrupt water or sewer service to Long Beach Water’s customers.

The length of time for this suspension will follow guidance and declarations by health and safety officials.

Long Beach Water is following all state and federal health and water quality guidelines relating to COVID-19 and will continue to maintain any compliance practices if new regulations are developed.

Health officials are calling for increased handwashing and disinfection, and therefore, you may be using slightly more water as a result of this guidance. There are still many ways you can easily save water during this time.

After you wet your hands, turn the faucet off when lathering with soap. Scrub your hands for 20 seconds. Turn water back on to rinse your hands of soap.

Take a one-song shower for 3-5 minutes.

Turn your landscape irrigation off before and during rain events.

For more ways to save water visit www.liveh2olb.com.