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Long Beach Wins Case Against Monsanto

Release Date: 2020-06-24

Long Beach is proud to announce we have decisively won a class action settlement along with 12 partner cities and agencies against the Monsanto Chemical Company, worth $550 million. We entered this lawsuit to take on a corporate giant which has contaminated our waterways and environment.

Leading the nationwide resolution are the cities of Long Beach, Tacoma, Portland, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Spokane, San Diego, Chula Vista and Baltimore, the Port of Portland, and the counties of Los Angeles and Baltimore. The cases were collectively litigated for more than 5 years.

A huge thank you to our City Attorney team. Here's what our City Attorney had to say: "This settlement is a groundbreaking effort to protect and restore the City’s water resources."

Our city will benefit greatly from this settlement, but most importantly send a message to Monsanto and others that they cannot continue to pollute our waterways and natural resources.

Thank you,

Mayor Robert Garcia