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PPE’s, Face Coverings & Masks

Release Date: 2020-04-09

The City of Long Beach has developed a system to connect providers with personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as a way for people to donate goods and services and access to facial coverings through an online exchange platform.

So many folks in Long Beach have stepped up and are ready to help. Our new system can connect those who need PPE with those who can give or create critical supplies.

Request for Medical PPE:

Various qualifying organizations in need of PPE, including healthcare facilities, medical providers, shelters, adult day care and long-term care facilities, may request supplies via the City’s longbeach.gov/COVID19 website, under “Resources for Healthcare Providers.”

Equipment Donations to the City:

To streamline and manage the donations and offers of assistance to the City of Long Beach, the City also has developed an online form that can be completed by local businesses and community volunteers who are interested in providing assistance.

The new form will help the City organize donation offers such as business facility use, transportation and delivery services and personal protective equipment. Additionally, donations of food and hygiene kits for persons experiencing homelessness and offers of volunteer services in a variety of skill areas are captured by the form. All information provided is electronically safeguarded for privacy and reviewed to determine the best match with City operational needs.

Creation of an Online Exchange for Facial Coverings:

Face masks and coverings for an individual’s personal use can be purchased through a marketplace created by theLong Beach Post in partnership with the City of Long Beach. Mask makers and businesses can register via the Vendor Registration form. The Long Beach Post and City are not receiving commissions from the sale of products through the marketplace. N95 or surgical-type masks should not be used by participating vendors, as they should be reserved for medical workers.

Thank you,

Mayor Robert Garcia