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Sign up for City Emergency Notifications

Release Date: 2015-12-14

As you may know, El Niño is expected to be especially severe this winter. Last week I joined Councilman Daryl Supernaw and our city team as we rolled out our new emergency notification system, Alert Long Beach. I want to encourage you to sign up, so you can to stay informed about major weather events and public emergencies.

Alert Long Beach is an emergency notification system that enables the city to send a message by text, landline or email — whichever you choose—to keep you informed about any emergencies. One of the lessons we learned from the power outages this summer was communication between residents and city emergency personnel is critical. With the strongest El Nino in many years expected this season, it’s important for residents to have real-time information so we can all be prepared, and know how to get any assistance and support we may need from the city.

In preparation for a wet and windy winter, we’ve taken several steps to keep the city safe and operating efficiently, including:

  • Clearing more than 5,000 catch basins
  • Cleaning and testing 26 pump stations
  • Clearing rain gutters and roof drains on all city facilities
  • Installing and monitoring Naples seawall plugs (to prevent sea water from backing up through the storm drains)
  • Trimming trees that are vulnerable to wind
  • Strengthening sand berms on the peninsula
  • Working with Los Angeles County to plan for emergency responses
  • Conducting swiftwater rescue drills
  • Training and activating CERT teams
  • Pre-deploying sandbags for public use
  • Working to provide housing and services to those  who are homeless 

As mayor, I’m committed to using technology to keep residents informed and connected with the city, and Alert Long Beach is a great example. Since we’ve launched, we have already had more than 3,000 people sign up. My thanks to our Department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications for their hard work in making Alert Long Beach available, and for all they do to keep us safe during emergencies.

You can sign up for Alert Long Beach here