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A Balanced & Responsible Budget

Release Date: 2018-07-31

For the fifth consecutive year, I am presenting a balanced and responsible budget in partnership with our City Manager, Patrick West. I am particularly proud of this budget because it makes substantial investments to address homelessness and continues key investments in public safety, infrastructure repair, and other critical services to move Long Beach forward.

Long Beach continues to increase our reserves and maintain a AA- credit rating.

The statewide homelessness crisis is felt in every community in our City. Significant enhancements to address this challenge have come to Long Beach including: $12.3 million in one-time funds from the State for new services as a result of a request from the Big 10 California Mayors, $3.4 million in capital funding for a year-round homeless shelter, and $2.6 million from LA County Measure H to implement additional homeless strategies.

Measure A, passed by Long Beach voters in 2016, has already restored 35 sworn positions in the Police and Fire Departments, including: reestablishment of the South Police Division, restoration of Fire Engine 8, restoration of Paramedic Rescue 12, and reinstatement of Police Academy operations. This budget adds more staffing to both departments: four new Quality of Life officers to assist people experiencing homelessness and a new HEART Team, staffed with two new firefighter positions, to assist with our response to homelessness.

I am also proposing to restore Engine 17 in East Long Beach and to add six additional police officers for a community bike unit.

Long Beach has also embarked on the largest infrastructure program in a generation. That program continues in the coming year. More than 100 miles of streets with sidewalks will be repaired, 34 parks, 10 libraries, and 21 other city facilities.

This budget also continues a tradition of supporting our libraries, expanding support for the arts, providing more funds for animal care and adoptions, and making new investments in progressive programs to help youth and families. These include a new fund to expunge low level marijuana convictions to help residents get back into the workforce and support their families.

Long Beach has worked hard to structurally balance its budget, manage pension liabilities, and continue providing core services. This budget reflects these priorities. Residents should be proud of this fiscal responsibility and the progress that has been made. Read more about the budget. I look forward to working with the Council to adopt and implement this budget.