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Alamitos Bay Improvements at Bayshore

Release Date: 2018-03-12

We are investing historic amounts of resources to fix our city’s aging infrastructure. One of these exciting improvements is happening in Alamitos Bay in the Bayshore area.

The replacement of the aging Leeway Pier and dock system along with the attached gondola shed is currently under construction.  The new concrete pier is complete and the shell of the gondola shed is taking shape. The replacement will improve overall access to the water and recreational amenities.

Construction of the swim dock replacement will create an interactive play area promoting livability elements on the water. This includes dock-mounted water toys as well as a floating water playground providing fun for children and adults. 

The Bayshore lifeguard station will also start construction in the next couple of months.  The facility itself will be larger than the existing structure, allowing for removal of a storage container that currently resides on the beach as well as providing an area to assist the public.  Finally, elements such as swim lockers and wayfinding signage will round out the improvements providing for a much more friendly user experience.

Our city team, Councilwoman Suzie Price, and the community have all been incredibly engaged in these important projects. As summer approaches, Bayshore will be ready for our residents and visitors.