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Belmont Pool

Release Date: 2017-05-18

On Tuesday night, the City Council voted to move forward with initial plans for the Belmont Pool replacement project. This important step to approve the Environmental Impact Report helps move pool planning documents to the Coastal Commission, the state agency that approves coastal projects.

When we demolished the Belmont Pool due to safety issues and seismic instability, we told residents we’d build a newer, modern facility. I stand behind that decision and am committed to bringing a world class facility that will draw families, swimmers, and youth from across Long Beach. As the Aquatic Capital of America, we have a rich history of aquatic sports and recreation. In fact, we have produced more aquatic Olympic athletes than any other city in the country.

As a youngster, I swam in the pool and like many locals, have great memories with friends and family. The pool is part of our history, and I look forward to once again providing a venue we can be proud of. We look forward to working with the Coastal Commission on a project that meets our local needs and conforms with Coastal Act policies.

As this process moves forward, it's also important to remember this project is being funded out of tidelands funds. These state restricted dollars can't be used for city sidewalks, city police patrols, or other city projects. Tidelands funds can only be used along the coast. We don't have a final cost for the pool, but we are looking at creative ways to finance this important project including seeking federal grants.

As we move forward we are committed to working with you on rebuilding this facility. My thanks to Councilwoman Suzie Price for helping lead the effort on the City Council and our hardworking staff and aquatic community for their advocacy.

Go Long Beach,

Mayor Robert Garcia