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Breakwater Update

Release Date: 2018-06-23

As many of you know the Long Beach Breakwater is in the news as the Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Long Beach prepare project recommendations for ecosystem restoration.

For decades there have been efforts to get project recommendations from the Corps. Now we are very close to a proposed project. I know this because for the last four years we’ve been traveling to Washington D.C. and San Francisco to meet with top Corps administrators and generals.

We expect to have up to 5 options to select from by November. They will all achieve ecosystem restoration, the main goal of the Army Corps and one we must support. Some of these options will include breakwater reconfiguration while others will not. We don’t drive the outcome, the science does.

I feel optimistic that when the options are presented to the community, we will have choices that include ecosystem restoration and include reconfiguration of parts of the breakwater. I say this because I’ve met with the top staff making these decisions. I support reconfiguration backed by science and that protects homes and property.

The Army Corps is a great partner and I’m thankful for their work. We need to be patient and wait until the project options are officially released to the public. November is going to be a big milestone for us.