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Cleaner Streets and Cleaner Neighborhoods

Release Date: 2017-07-10

As Mayor, I’ve always believed an important part of civic pride is the cleanliness of a city. Long Beach has made great progress in cleaning up our city over the last 10 years. Like most of you, I remember how out of control graffiti was 10 years ago until we got serious about it. Today we clean or paint over graffiti in 24-48 hours. Our City Council has been focused on this issue and has funded new Clean Teams and has spent resources on new technology and equipment to keep our streets clean. 

But we can do more and that's why I am introducing the Clean Long Beach Initiative aimed at modernizing and expanding the City’s efforts to keep Long Beach clean and litter free.

It's time for a full and comprehensive review of our efforts to ensure we are keeping our city beautiful. We need to improve cleaning schedules, work with the state to clean up freeway on-ramps, add trash cans, and review best practices across the country.

These issues are important to the City Council and to me. 

Our proposed initiative includes an assessment of City policies and includes the following recommendations: 

  • Review the City's current efforts to keep the city clean and examine resources and investments made over the past few years to improve the City's response capabilities;
  • Review the Illegal Dumping Action Plan requested by the City Council;
  • Review the Clean Team operations and resources for improvements and/or investments;
  • Map all freeway on-ramps and off-ramps and work to improve cleanliness and conditions across the city, including Caltrans’ role in the maintenance of these areas;
  • Review trash can locations citywide and identify opportunities to add and/or replace trash cans;
  • Explore city ordinances and policies regarding locked trash dumpsters in alleys;
  • Review all supermarkets and retailers employing shopping cart theft technology to ensure system functionality and evaluate whether additional stores should be added to the City's ordinance;
  • Modernize the Go Long Beach App and review the appropriate staffing and budget necessary to ensure timely trash and dumped item pickups and graffiti removal;
  • Provide an estimate of the funding, timeline, and purchasing process needed to implement a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and update the City Council on the progress and implementation;
  • Review graffiti contract and resources to ensure we are maintaining graffiti removal within the City's 48-hour standard as well as explore expanding the City's graffiti contract to cover other areas within the city;
  • Analyze cost and staffing levels necessary to host additional neighborhood clean-up events;
  • Analyze the cost and staffing levels necessary to explore proactive code enforcement with a focus on business corridors and egregious code violations;
  • Review existing laws and ordinances that relate to empty private lots, empty businesses falling into disrepair, and active businesses or properties in poor condition;
  • Update and review all codes relating to cleanliness, private and public empty lots, and facades;
  • Partner with Long Beach Transit to ensure clean and well-lit bus stops;
  • Revisit a new Litter Free Long Beach campaign to include local LBUSD schools, colleges and the university;
  • Work with Business Improvement Districts across the city to strengthen our partnership and commitment to cleanliness, trash removal, and graffiti removal as a part of existing service contracts;
  • Consider establishing an ongoing volunteer corps to work with existing City staff on neighborhood clean-up events, or corridor clean-up events year-round;
  • Explore additional informational and marketing campaigns in Long Beach to reduce trash, debris, and illegal dumping;

I'll be discussing our Clean Long Beach Initiative at Tuesday's Long Beach City Council meeting. I look forward to hearing from the Council members and you on this initiative and how it can benefit our city.

Go Long Beach, 

Mayor Robert Garcia