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What is Long Beach Doing About Climate Change?

Release Date: 2015-11-10


Today, in a brief ceremony at the Cesar Chavez Park Children’s Garden, I signed the Compact of Mayors to join the world’s largest coalition of city leaders addressing climate change.

More information about the Compact is here:


The City of Long Beach has already been working to combat and adapt to our changing climate, and those efforts will continue. But now, as part of the Compact of Mayors, the City will expand its efforts.

Some of our climate change initiatives already underway or planned for the near future include:

  • Community-wide inventory of greenhouse gasses by the middle of 2016
  • A major report from the Aquarium of the Pacific for best practices in creating a climate resilient city
  • Continuing the Green Port Policy and the dramatic reduction of emissions at the Port
  • A Civic Spark Fellow dedicated to research
  • Recommendations from the Sustainable City Commission for expanding electric vehicle infrastructure
  • The addition of more than 1 megawatt of solar panels at City facilities in the next year
  • Planting 6,000 new trees by 2020
  • All new City government buildings being built to the LEED green building standards, and LEED required in all new major private developments
  • Support for urban agriculture, with more than 18 community gardens and urban farms across the city boosting the local food movement
  • Expansion of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Nearly 2,000 Lawn-to-Garden transformations have been completed, saving both water and energy


This compact is extremely timely, as world leaders prepare to gather in Paris at the end of this month for the United Nations Climate Change Summit. The City of Long Beach must continue to be a leader in adapting to climate change. I’m proud to stand with mayors from around the world who have committed to climate resiliency and sustainable practices.