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Charge Up in Long Beach

Release Date: 2015-10-29

Creating a more sustainable economy is one of my top priorities and one way we can do that is by expanding the electrical vehicle infrastructure here in Long Beach. That’s why this Tuesday the Council will consider my request that the Sustainable City Commission look at our current policies and find new opportunities to do just that.

Electric Vehicles (EV’s) have the potential to dramatically reduce pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions, because they plug into the electrical grid. As we move from a carbon-based grid to a renewable one, EV’s are becoming essential in the transition to a sustainable economy.

Long Beach does provide some public charging stations, and has requirements for including charging ports in many new developments. But our standards are not keeping up with increasing demand, and it’s time to look at new opportunities for expansion.

While the city complies with state mandates on electric vehicle charging stations, we still lack the infrastructure in retail developments, city lots, including parks and beaches, and commercial parking lots. We can and need to do more to prepare for the growth of this market.

It's good for business and for the environment.

EV’s are an important part of the sustainability puzzle, and I look forward to seeing the recommendations of the Sustainable City Commission.