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Our 2022 City Budget

Release Date: 2021-07-16

Today, I joined our City Manager in releasing our proposed budget for FY 22. COVID-19 had a significant impact on the current budget cycle — which was marked by sacrifice and hard budget decisions to preserve the future of our city. While our city’s revenues are still in the process of returning to pre-pandemic levels, we are fortunate to have federal and state funds to support existing programs and services.

I am proud that this proposed budget, totaling $3 billion, continues Long Beach’s strong history of providing services to residents and makes meaningful investments to help our community build back stronger than ever.

This year's proposed budget includes no cuts, no deficit, and replenished reserves.

Earlier this year, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law – and as a result, a historic $249 million in federal, state, and county dollars has been allocated to support city programs through our Long Beach Recovery Act. This means affordable housing, support for economic development and business assistance, public safety and emergency medical response, a comprehensive homelessness response, safe and accessible parks, and facilities, and infrastructure is all maintained or expanded for the next fiscal year.

On March 16, 2021, the City Council also approved the Long Beach recovery act which provided funds for the following priorities as we build back from the COVID-19 pandemic:

Economic Recovery ($64 million)

  • $13 million to support COVID-19 protection for businesses and non-profits
  • $20 million in direct business support programs
  • $7.6 million to promote economic inclusion
  • $4 million to invest in our Clean Cities Initiative
  • $500,000 in technical assistance for small businesses who need guidance applying for business support programs
  • $1.6 million for a Direct Income Pilot Program
  • $1.6 million for a Micro/Public Transit Pilot Program
  • $15.1 million to support the Long Beach Airport

Healthy and Safe Community ($108.5 million)

  • $15.7 million to support our continued COVID-19 response
  • $6.3 million to help ensure that basic needs, including food security and older adult needs, are met
  • $12.1 million to address physical and mental health equity:
  • $2.8 million to support early childhood education and childcare programs
  • $3.6 million to address violence prevention and promote a safer city
  • $10.9 million to address homelessness
  • $56.4 million in housing support programs

Securing our City’s Future ($76.7 million)

  • $30 million eliminates this year’s deficit
  • $41.5 million replenishes our city’s reserves
  • $5.2 million ends city furloughs

We're also making historic investments in our community by proposing additional funding for our Health Department, language access across city services, the justice fund, a community land trust, and digital inclusion efforts. On top of this, the budget includes $6.4 million in new youth investments from The Long Beach Recovery Act and Measure US which was approved by voters in November.

Our FY 22 proposed budget is balanced, responsible and reflects the city’s recovery from the largest public health crisis of our lifetime.

I want to thank our community for all of your support over what’s been an extremely difficult last 18 months — but know your city is behind you and we will recover together. I also want to thank all of our city employees who have stepped up and continued to serve during the pandemic. I know it wasn’t always easy for you or your families, but you did it and as a community, we are thankful.

The future of Long Beach is strong. You can watch the full briefing and access all of our budget documents here.

Thank you,

Mayor Robert Garcia