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A Responsible and Balanced Budget

Release Date: 2016-09-14

Last night, the City Council adopted our budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2017. This budget is not only responsible and balanced, it also increases funding for infrastructure and public safety, as well as libraries and parks, and increases our reserves.

This budget, thanks to the voter approved passage of Measure A, begins the largest public infrastructure investment plan in a generation, and restores public safety services for the first time in almost decade.
The budget includes:

- Restoring South Division to the Police Department along with new officers.
- Restoring the Fire Engine service to Fire Station 8, including new firefighter positions.
- New Police & Fire Academies
- $80 million in infrastructure repairs to fix city streets, parks, libraries and public facilities.
- Sunday hours at more libraries.
- Expanding park programs across the city.
- Additional resources to address homelessness.
- More support for our Municipal Band, Museum of Art, and the Arts Council.
- New investments in technology.

...and more money set aside in our reserves for a rainy day, thanks to Measure B.

I especially want to thank Councilwoman Stacy Mungo, who chaired the Budget Oversight Committee, and City Manager Pat West and his team for their incredible work on the budget. Councilwoman Mungo's leadership was critical in ensuring that our budget remain responsible and sustainable. She did a fantastic job.

Next year’s budget will be challenging, but thanks to the fiscally conservative approach the Council has followed, we are in a good position to meet that challenge. I remain committed to balancing our budget while providing the level of service that residents, businesses, and visitors expect.

I also want to thank all the residents who shared ideas during the budget process. Your participation is always extremely helpful in passing a budget that addresses all the needs of our city.

Finally, a huge thanks thanks to the City Council for their work and leadership.

Onward to the next challenge.