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Governor’s Vaccine Announcement

Release Date: 2020-10-20

Governor Newsom announced yesterday that California will independently review COVID-19 vaccines before distribution. This is absolutely the right approach. Our state is home to the best and the brightest in medicine and innovation.

Most experts believe it will be next year when a vaccine is approved by the federal government. By independently conducting our own review, the Governor is ensuring transparency and equity in what will be a complex process.

And while we are still many months away from an FDA approved vaccine, we as a city are already discussing and planning how we would mobilize vaccine distribution centers. Cities and health departments will again be on the front lines and ready to assist.

Long Beach and cities across the state will mobilize workers, first responders, and our city staffs to assist the state in the vaccine process. And we already have the experience of operating successful testing centers.

We still have a long road in fighting COVID-19 and staying safe. But we are also planning for this critical vaccination process that will likely begin next year.


Thank you,

Mayor Robert Garcia