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Help for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Release Date: 2020-09-08

Earlier this year, we led a coalition of big city mayors in a tough fight to ensure Long Beach would receive a $40 million relief package funded by the state. We also received $13 million from LA County to assist with our health response. I want to thank Governor Gavin Newsom for his support and our local Long Beach delegation including Speaker Anthony Rendon, State Senator Lena Gonzalez, Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell, and Supervisor Janice Hahn. We are in a critical moment in our city’s history and these resources will go a long way to support our community.

Today, these funds are being invested in the community. We are using a comprehensive, equity-based spending plan that supports community activities and programs, while also minimizing the city’s budget shortfall caused by COVID-19.

Sustaining small businesses and community groups through this pandemic is a critical part of our response to COVID-19. This pandemic has devastated small businesses and caused record high unemployment nationwide. It will take federal funding like the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and strong leadership to guide us through a recovery that lies in our future.

The funds will be primarily directed towards local small businesses and non-profit organizations. The application is available on the city’s CARES Act website today and funding distribution will occur after September 15.

I look forward to seeing the positive impacts investments like the ones below will have:

  • $4.1 million in funds to small business for recovery and technology improvements
  • $1 million in grants to Business Improvement District to continue marketing and promotions for local small businesses
  • $100,000 for small business education in multilingual formats for businesses outside existing Business Improvement Districts
  • $1 million for digital inclusion partnerships with community-based organizations to support equitable access to the internet and other digital resources
  • $200,000 for an economic equity study that will be conducted in partnership with CSULB and establish a baseline for economic recovery work going forward
  • $1.5 million in funding for working capital grants and arts education to support local arts, arts and culture
  • $1 million to local non-profit organizations to fund COVID-19 support services in the community

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge work that is already underway:

  • $750,000 that has supported PPE distribution to Long Bach business owners, nonprofit and child care organizations
  • $1 million in a Youth Leadership and Ambassador Program
  • $2 million has been invested to increase shelter capacity for people experiencing homelessness
  • $300,000 has gone into transforming our open spaces to support small business opportunities and create safe spaces to continue building community while physical distancing
  • $150,000 to support the small business call center which has been assisting small business with health order compliance, grant applications and other needs arising from changes we’ve all had to make due to COVID-19
  • $150,000 for an Economic Inclusion Coordinator who is responsible for managing the City’s Economic and Digital Inclusion Initiatives

And looking to the future, I expect more work will be done through:

  • $1 million for early childhood support
  • $500,000 to augment the existing-HUD funded Health Homes Program to remediate housing conditions that exacerbate COVID-19
  • $400,000 to support basic health needs and a hotline that connects individuals and families who need food, housing, insurance, cooling supports and medical supplies to those resources
  • $1 million to improve Black Health Equity outcomes
  • $785,000 to support non-profit organizations with outreach to hard-to-reach communities to provide COVID-19 support services
  • $500,000 to support older adults with essential services as they isolate in their homes during the pandemic
  • $500,000 to connect individuals and families needing services to available options based on need and eligibility
  • $500,000 for learning hubs and other safe spaces for youth programming
  • $500,000 to prevent domestic violence and encourage mental health supports
  • $3 million to redesign and expand meal distribution and delivery for those in need

Long Beach is an incredibly strong city with unique business corridors, restaurants, arts and culture. I know that together we will be able to support one another through this global health crisis. Please continue to shop local, eat local, and be safe.

Thank you,

Mayor Robert Garcia