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Moving Forward at the Port of Long Beach

Release Date: 2016-09-09

Yesterday, I received a call from Jon Slangerup, the Chief Executive of our Port of Long Beach. Jon has accepted a great new position as CEO at a major aviation firm and will be leaving the Port at the end of October. Jon has done an outstanding job over the past two years at our Harbor Department and we're all happy for his amazing new opportunity.

Under Jon's leadership, the Port has grown into one of the most efficient and most environmentally sustainable operations in the world, and improved its relationship with the city and the community tremendously. Jon, and the incredibly talented employees and managers at the Port, have put our Harbor Department in a strong position for the future.

Jon and his team played an especially instrumental role in bringing the Port headquarters into the new Civic Center development, and I want to thank him for that. Jon also led the way to finding a solution for the congestion that clogged our ports last year, working closely with labor groups, shippers, and Washington, D.C. to get cargo moving again.

I have worked closely with Jon and have developed a strong professional relationship as well as a friendship. I know everyone in the city wishes him the best in his future endeavors, and I'm sure he will succeed in his new role.

Moving forward, the Port is facing some real challenges. We are all working together to address the Hanjin Shipping Line bankruptcy, and to address changes in the global trade and shipping industry. New supercarriers are replacing older, smaller ships, and ports across the world are having to adjust and rebuild quickly to accommodate them. Thanks to major infrastructure improvements at the Port, we are going to be ready to receive the biggest ships in the world, and will remain highly competitive. Our Port is making $4 billion in capital investments, more than any other Port in the western hemisphere.

I have spoken with our Harbor Commissioners, and I am confident they are committed to finding a great new leader for the Port who will continue the progress we've made. I look forward to working with the Commission and the new CEO to keep the Port of Long Beach a global leader in green technology and the efficient transport of cargo, and to continue to build a strong partnership with the City and our local residents.