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Join the Long Beach Internship Challenge

Release Date: 2015-06-15

Yesterday morning at the Aquarium of the Pacific, in collaboration with our  education, business, and community partners, I was honored to kick off the Long Beach Internship Challenge. And, if you own or work in a business or organization that can offer internships, I want to ask you to join this challenge.

Internships for our young people are a crucial connection between the classroom and the workplace. That's why I've set a goal of doubling the number of internships in our city in my first term.

I know firsthand how important internships can be, because while at Cal State Long Beach as a student, I had the opportunity to serve as an intern and work on the early stages of developing what is now Douglas Park. That experience was really my introduction to the world of city planning and economic development in Long Beach, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without that opportunity. Now, I’m committed to ensuring that every student in Long Beach has a similar opportunity, and I am so glad our local schools and so many businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations share my commitment.

If you own a business, or work with an organization that can provide internships for pay, course credit, or both, I want to ask you to step up to this challenge. You can support our students by taking on an intern, or two, and if you already have an intern, by taking on one or two more. You can also sponsor an intern to work at a nonprofit that might not otherwise be able to afford one. 

You can join the Internship Challenge by visiting www.lbinternshipchallenge.com.

I’m extremely grateful to our city’s three major educational institutions – the Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach City College, and Cal State Long Beach – and to our generous business community, Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network and Long Beach CALL  for stepping up to meet this challenge and support our Long Beach students.

Supporting these students not only benefits them and their families, it strengthens our global competitiveness and helps to keep more of our graduates here in Long Beach contributing to our city’s economic development and cultural life. Together, we are going to ensure all our students get the support they need. Our young people are counting on us, and I know we won’t let them down.

If you are a student, I also want to encourage you to sign up and find an internship that supports your educational and career goals.  Visit hirelb.com for more information.