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Leading the Fight Against COVID19

Release Date: 2020-10-19

Long Beach is leading the way in California on fighting COVID-19 and we've maintained a responsible and steady approach to this health crisis.

Since the pandemic began, our city mobilized one of the best city testing operations in the state, with more than 240,000 tests completed in our public and private labs. Our daily testing capacity is twice the state requirement. And our positivity rate is now at approximately 3% and our hospitalizations are stable.

These are good signs and we are safer today than we have been in months.

But we have a long way to go and we should not get complacent. This crisis has led to painful and devastating impacts on workers, small businesses, and families. Not every decision the city or I have made have been popular ones—but they have been necessary. It's my job to keep us safe, and I promise you that's what I will continue to focus on.

I'm optimistic that if we keep this progress up even more of our economy will reopen slowly and cautiously and we will be able to manage the crisis ahead.

We have been fortunate throughout this crisis to have excellent leadership from our Governor, state agencies, and our LA County partners. We are all working together.

Let’s stay focused. Stay safe. I'm proud of our entire state and community and I'm proud to be mayor of our city.

Thank you,

Mayor Robert Garcia