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Long Beach Named Top Ten Digital City for 4th Consecutive Year

Release Date: 2014-11-11

Long Beach has been named a Top Ten Digital City for the fourth year in a row, earning sixth place for large cities - one rank higher than last year, and the 3rd best in California.

 I'm proud that Long Beach is a leader in innovation and continues to improve in our use of technology to increase efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness. And, I'm committed to continuing to move forward in this area, which is why I proposed creating a Technology and Innovation Commission, and expanding the mission of our Technology Department to become the Technology and Innovation Department, two changes which the Council approved and are already underway.

 Long Beach won 6th place in the Digital Cities Award for many reasons:

  •  Investing $10 million for technology upgrades in FY15 
  •  We offer public access to a variety of technologies, such as 3-D printers, graphic design programs and video editing software at our Main Library. 
  • We replaced the City’s 35 year-old Utility Billing System with the latest Customer Information System and Mobile Workforce Management systems, which allow our Water, Gas & Oil, and Refuse Services bureaus to streamline their work and provide superior web-based service for customers. 
  • The use of smart phone apps, including the LGB Airport App; PulsePoint medical alert system, the Go Long Beach app, used for code enforcement and neighborhood improvement, and app developed by Code for America that helps allocate public safety resources more efficiently.   
  •  The expansion of Wi-Fi access at City parks and other facilities. 

 Being a Top-10 Digital City for four consecutive years demonstrates how we are moving forward as a city, delivering better and more efficient services, while reaching out and engaging with our residents to build stronger civic bonds throughout Long Beach. We will continue innovating and improving our use of technology, and we will continue to be a national leader in creating the Government of the Future.