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Long Beach Saves Sunnyside Cemetery

Release Date: 2019-08-21

Last night the City Council unanimously approved making Sunnyside Cemetery a permanent part of our City’s public parks. The cemetery, where so many Long Beach residents have their final resting place, was unable to continue operation in private hands. It was my commitment that Sunnyside be preserved and cared for properly and now the City will be able to ensure that happens.

We have to thank Councilmember Roberto Uranga for his leadership and advocacy, as well as Economic Development Director John Keisler and our Parks, Recreation and Marine Director, Gerardo Mouet, for hammering out the details.

My thanks also to the Board at Sunnyside, who worked closely with us to make sure Sunnyside is preserved, and to the many community volunteers who have helped care for the cemetery over the past several years.

This is a proud moment for Long Beach as we take stewardship of an important and historic part of our City.