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Long Beach Wins Bloomberg Innovation Grant

Release Date: 2014-12-15

 A couple of months ago, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg invited 90 Mayors from across the country to compete for a prestigious Bloomberg Innovation Grant. Selected cities receive millions of dollars to support innovation teams, who will work with the city to develop creative solutions to the challenges they face. I’m proud to announce that Long Beach was among the 14 cities selected, and will receive three-million dollars over three years – the maximum amount awarded – to create a five person innovation team and fellows program focused on economic development. This will transform the way our city does business, and be a fantastic boon to our economy.

 In a time of limited public budgets and a challenging economy, the innovation team is a huge opportunity for Long Beach. Experts in economic development, social science, product development, and technology will come on board and work under the direction of my office and the City Manager to look at ways each and every city department can innovate to support businesses and economic growth. Not only will the team bring fresh eyes and tremendous expertise, they will be focused solely on generating new approaches to economic growth in Long Beach.

 This prestigious grant will help support Long Beach as an internationally competitive city. Since taking office, we’ve already restructured our technology services as the Technology and Innovation Department, and are preparing to hire a Director of Technology and Innovation. We’ve also brought our Economic Development Department back and are currently looking at candidates for the Economic Development Commission. The Bloomberg Innovation Teams are the perfect way to coordinate and leverage that work in order to streamline and modernize the way we work with businesses and support economic growth.

 You can read more about this grant here:


 I want to thank Bloomberg Philanthropies for providing this great opportunity to Long Beach. Their recognition affirms that Long Beach is ready for innovation, and their generosity provides the tools we need to jump start that process. Great things are ahead.