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BJK Open

New Billie Jean King Library Now Open

Release Date: 2019-09-23

On Saturday we held the grand opening of Long Beach's new Billie Jean King Library.

My thanks to the hundreds of people and families who attended this event with excitement and enthusiasm to match the excitement of everything this new main library has to offer Long Beach.

This isn't just the largest collection of books and other media in our city. The BJK Library provides a 3D printing lab, music studio, sewing shop, service for veterans, and many other resources and amenities that make it one of the best public libraries in the country.

As anyone who visits the library can see, it also boasts iconic architecture and a welcoming atmosphere.

Libraries are a crucial resource, and we are committed to providing the most up-to-date, important resources and services to Long Beach residents. The BJK Library not only accomplishes that, it also honors one of the greatest athletes, and civil rights advocates, to ever come out of Long Beach - tennis great, author and activist Billie Jean King. We are so grateful Billie Jean was able to join us at the grand opening, and to share this moment with us.

My thanks also to Glenda Williams, our city's Library Services Director, all our librarians and our Public Works staff and the Development team for their extremely hard work seeing this project to fruition. We also have to thank the Library Foundation for their incredible financial support, not just of the new library, but of all our libraries.

I hope you will all come visit the BJK Library soon, and return regularly over the years. Maybe I'll see you there!