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The Best and Busiest Year at our Port

Release Date: 2018-01-24

Today at the annual State of the Port address, we announced an 11 percent increase in cargo, making 2017 the busiest year for trade ever. The Port of Long Beach set a record of moving 7.54 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) last year. We did this while decreasing emissions across the board, including a drop of 88% in diesel particulate matter and an overall 22% decrease in greenhouse gases compared to 2005 levels.

I want to congratulate Executive Director Mario Cordero and our Harbor Commissioners for their tremendous leadership this last year. This team has been responsible for not only billions of dollars in capital projects, but also laying out a vision for a sustainable future.

Today, Mario also described a "24/7" port featuring more information technology, one that is nimble like online retailer Amazon and bold like electric vehicle builder Tesla. He said we must “re-imagine, redesign and build a port that is second to none both environmentally and operationally." I applaud Mario for this sentiment and support the direction he is taking the Port.

This last year, as many of you know, our Harbor Commissioners approved updated clean air strategies to improve the Port’s position as a global sustainability leader and increased the level of funding for community grants to mitigate emissions in the region. With zero emissions as our ultimate goal, the Green Port of Long Beach is leading the way on the green economy and I know they will continue to succeed.
You can read more about the Port of Long Beach’s container count and statistics by viewing them here.