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Public Health

Salons and Barbershops Can Reopen

Release Date: 2020-09-03

The data shows Long Beach is once again stepping up to the challenge COVID-19 has put before us—and doing the right thing.

We are getting better at wearing our face coverings and making better decisions about who we see and how we distance around other people. All of these things have lead to a consistently declining positivity rate—which is now at 4.6%.

We have announced hair salons and barbershops can begin indoor operations at 25% occupancy in Long Beach starting today. Salons will have to ensure physical distancing measures, and that face coverings are worn while in the salon or barbershop and other health and safety guidelines are practiced. But even with all this said, we are encouraging outdoor operations wherever possible to maintain the gains we’ve made.

We need to stay vigilant and safe as we move towards some additional safe reopenings in alignment with what’s allowable by the State. As we saw last Friday, Long Beach, like 87 percent of the State, is in the Purple Tier, which is the most restrictive of the tiers announced by the State.

We are making progress, but this is still a very serious global health crisis.

Thank you and stay safe,

Mayor Robert Garcia