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We're Helping Federal Workers

Release Date: 2019-01-18

As our nation's longest federal shutdown ever continues, here at home we are trying to find ways to make it easier for those furloughed workers that live in Long Beach.

We are extending relief opportunities to federal workers who are experiencing financial hardships and concerned with paying their utility bills, parking citations and other city bills as a result of their unpaid status related to the partial Federal Government shutdown. The City will provide payment arrangement assistance to these customers and households.

It’s important we help provide support to our fellow public servants in their time of need. I encourage those who are affected to call our customer service staff for assistance.

Long Beach customers affected by the Federal Government shutdown can call the following numbers below for assistance with payment arrangements for utility services, parking citations and billing services:
Utility Services, (562) 570-5700.
Parking Citations, (562) 570-6822.
Billing Services for Collections, Ambulance, and False Alarms, (562) 570-7600.

Utility services include gas, water, refuse, sewer and recycling.

Effectively immediately, customers affected by this event may contact the above customer service numbers and staff will help them with issues such as shut-off for non-payment, late utility bills or inability to pay current bills. Affected customers will be able to make payment arrangements until such time as the Federal Government reopens.

We hope this shutdown ends soon so workers can return to their normal lives and our nation's business can continue.