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Thank You Governor, For Signing COVID Bill

Release Date: 2020-09-16

Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a critical bill into law that ensures protections and sick leave expansion for essential workers impacted by COVID-19.

I want to thank the Governor for signing this bill.

This legislation was hard-fought by SEIU-UHW, the union that represented my mom and dedicated health care workers like her nationwide. My mom, Gaby, was a health care worker for more than 25 years. If she had survived COVID-19, she would have needed the sick leave protections guaranteed through AB 1867.


My mom’s clinic organized with SEIU-UHW in the last year of her life. She was very proud to have voted to join her union. She would be so proud of this legislation. This new law fills a critical void in existing Federal benefits for people who are unable to work due to COVID-19 infection or length of hospitalization or potential exposure. It’s an incredibly important new law.

While my mom is no longer here to benefit from these critical worker protections, it is important that others like her will be able to thanks to this bill. I can't thank SEIU-UHW, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and the Governor enough for their leadership and commitment to protecting our essential workers.

You can learn more about this legislation here.

Thank you,

Mayor Robert Garcia