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The Next Term

Release Date: 2018-07-24

Thank you, Long Beach. I want to thank so many of you who were able to join us last week for our inaugural swearing in. I’m very grateful to our California Attorney General Xavier Becerra who administered the oath of office to me. I wanted to share my remarks after being sworn in and what to expect during this next term.

"When I was elected Mayor four years ago, I promised we would make our city safer, create good jobs, protect the environment, and move into the 21st Century.

By almost every measure, Long Beach is making incredible progress.

The Long Beach economy is booming. Billions of dollars in construction and investment are driving good jobs and new housing across the city. 

Our new Civic Center, Main Library, and our iconic international bridge are progressing rapidly and are scheduled to open on time next year. 

Douglas Park has brought many new businesses to the East Side and construction has finally begun at 2nd and PCH. The Airport is undergoing major new renovations to upgrade our car rental, baggage, and parking facilities—and the Port of Long Beach just broke another record for cargo in 2017.

Citywide, more than 5,000 new homes have been either completed or approved, including hundreds of new affordable units for seniors and working families.

And earlier this year, Long Beach reached the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded—4.1%.  Average household income is growing faster in Long Beach than in all but ten large cities in the United States and our poverty rate has declined by almost 3 percentage points, from 21% to 18%.  

Long Beach also continues to be a safe place to live and work. 

In 2017 overall crime dropped by 7.9% from 2016 and the city had the fewest murders in recorded history. 

And thanks to Long Beach voters, the passage of Measure A has enabled us to expand and grow both fire and police services across the city by hiring more police officers and firefighters after years of reductions. 

We have also embarked on the largest infrastructure investment program in a generation thanks to Measure A. Our city team is fixing and paving hundreds of streets, miles of sidewalks, and repairing critical public buildings and parks. Every neighborhood is seeing improvements.  

And our city continues to be an environmental leader, working to fight climate change. Our port recently adopted an updated Clear Air Action Plan and the City is developing its own Climate Action and Adaptation Plan for adoption next year.  

Long Beach also remains one of the best run cities in our nation, but has also emerged as a leader in civic innovation. We launched the City’s open data portal, DataLB, and have datasets available online to connect people with data and city resources.

Things are good—which is why I’m so grateful you all put your trust in me once again and re-elected me Mayor of our amazing city. 

And after my election, I decided to get back to basics. I launched the Go Long Beach Tour, and spent the last nine weeks—one week in every council district—knocking on doors, talking to neighbors on their porch, and meeting with small business owners and local teachers and students. 

That tour just ended last week. 

So here’s what I learned. 

First, people love their city.

Everywhere I went, no matter who I spoke with, or their income level, or color, or neighborhood—residents love Long Beach. 

And they especially love their neighbors, our diversity, and our progressive approach to supporting the civil and human rights of all people. 

People feel safer than they ever have. Especially in neighborhoods across central and north Long Beach—which a decade ago were struggling with gangs and higher crime. 

Door after door, town hall after town hall, the message was clear, people want us, your mayor and city council, to focus on the basics of governing.

Strengthening public safety.

Taking care of our parks.

Trimming our trees. 

Fixing broken streets. 

And working together to solve the greatest challenge of our time—ending street homelessness. 

As we move to work toward a more just economy, a greener future, and reforming government, let’s never forget we must always focus on those basics of government. 

Let’s make them better. 

Let’s innovate, and let’s invest in our future.

To close, I want to thank you for making this community so strong. Thank you to our City Council, our great management team, our school and university leaders, and to the 6,000 men and women who work hard every day to make this city run. 

Here’s to another four years, and thank you!

Go Long Beach!"