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The Most Walkable City in Southern California

Release Date: 2016-05-06

We just got fantastic news about our efforts to make Long Beach more pedestrian friendly and support sustainable modes of transportation. Long Beach made the top ten list of the Most Walkable Cities in the United States – and became the only city in Southern California to make the list!

This is a testament to the great work the city has been doing to improve sidewalks, crosswalks, beach paths and traffic signals, to add bike lanes and provide needed transit routes, to support ride-sharing and traditional taxis, and to increase density downtown while bringing in amenities for residents, like access to food and shopping. In a region that has long been built up around cars, to beat out cities like Minneapolis and Baltimore is truly a great accomplishment.

You can read more about the Walkability Score here:


While Downtown Long Beach was the most walkable neighborhood with a score of 92, Long Beach’s overall score and place in the Top-10 is due to walkable neighborhoods throughout our city including: Belmont Shore, Bixby Knolls, the Broadway corridor, 4th Street, Los Altos, Naples, and Wrigley, among many others.

I want to thank the City Council for its support of pedestrian-friendly policies, as well as all the city staff and community members who have worked to make Long Beach more walkable. We still have work to do, but I’m confident we can continue making Long Beach more walkable and keep improving quality of life for everyone.