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White House & Senate Need to Pass COVID-19 Stimulus

Release Date: 2020-10-08

We need the White House and Congress to get back to work on negotiating a COVID-19 relief bill that includes funding to cities and states. For months, members of Congress have been working on a bill that would provide millions of relief to places that need it most—local and state governments, hospitals, and public schools.

The President this week abruptly ended talks and has created an economic crisis across the country. For us in California, it’s important the next stimulus relief bill includes restoration of critical state services, more support for PPE and testing, funds to support and save small businesses and direct assistance to residents who are struggling.

Workers are suffering. And millions of Americans are housing insecure and on the verge of eviction. As an example, the bill adopted by the House of Representatives would provide Long Beach more than $180 million in additional federal support. There is so much good that can be done with these dollars across our state.

The U.S. Senate needs to take up this relief bill and the President needs to sign it. Period.

We are in a health and economic crisis and it’s time for bold action. People’s lives and health are dependent on it. There’s no time for playing politics with our economy and the livelihoods of families.

Thank you and stay safe,

Mayor Robert Garcia