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Soaring natural gas prices lead to higher utility bills 1/4/2023 Residents and businesses in Long Beach, Signal Hill and throughout Southern California will see a drastic increase in their natural gas bills this month as global market prices hit a 20-year high.
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Utilities Will Continue Without Service Interruption While Merging Into One Public Utility department 12/19/2022

The city’s water, sewer, and natural gas services will now be provided by one Public Utilities Department following approval by Long Beach voters in the Nov. 8 General Election.

Utilities Scam Alert - Be Aware of Imposters 7/28/2022 Long Beach Utilities, which consists of natural gas, refuse, sewer and water, warns residents of a current phone scam.
Long Beach Energy Resources Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response & Support 7/27/2022 The Energy Resources Department (ER) is making temporary changes to some of our customer service operations, consistent with guidance from public health officials and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
What Energy Resources is Doing to Help Customers During COVID-19 7/26/2022 Energy Resources (ER) has temporarily suspended natural gas service disconnections until further notice.