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Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

Airport Public Affairs
Email: lgbarpt@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-2600
Animal Control Center Animal Control Services
Email: AnimalCare@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-7387
Auditor Laura L. Doud
Email: auditor@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6751
Building Permits-Planning/Building Building Permits
Email: LBCD@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-PMIT (7648)
Business Assistance Division Cort Huckabone
Email: Cort.Huckabone@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-3830
Citizen Police Complaint Commission Patrick Weithers
Email: Patrick.Weithers@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-7610
City Clerk Monique DeLaGarza 
Email: cityclerk@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6101
City Manager Tom Modica
Email: citymanager@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-5091
Mayor Rex Richardson Mayor Rex Richardson
Email: mayor@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6801
1st District-Councilwoman Mary Zendejas
Email: district1@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6919
2nd District-Councilwoman Cindy Allen
Email: district2@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-2222
3rd District-Councilwoman Kristina Duggan
Email: district3@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6300
4th District-Councilman Daryl Supernaw
Email: district4@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-4444
5th District-Councilwoman Megan Kerr
Email: district5@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-5555
6th District-Councilwoman Suely Saro
Email: district6@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6816
7th District-Councilman Roberto Uranga
Email: district7@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-7777
8th District-Councilman Al Austin
Email: district8@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6685
9th District-Councilwoman Dr. Joni Ricks-Oddie
Email: district9@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6137
Civil Service-Employment Information Desk
Email: civilservice@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6202
Community Development-Housing Housing Development
Email: NSB@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6949
Energy Resources Terry Chamberlain
Email: Terry.Chamberlain@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-2003
Financial Management-Bids-Purchasing Annie Khin
Email: Annie.Khin@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-5526
Fire Department Laz Lahera
Email: lalaher@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-2537
Health & Human Services Cheryl Barrit
Email: Cheryl.Barrit@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-4000
Media Contact Kevin Lee
Email: Kevin.Lee@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6811
Parks/Recreation-Community Information Jane Grobaty
Email: Jane.Grobaty@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-3232
Public Works: Recycling Erin Rowland
Email: LBRecycles@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-2876
Public Works: Tree Trimming Marc Wright
Email: pwstreets@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-2700
Public Works: Street Repair Marc Wright
Email: pwstreets@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-2700
Police Business Desk
Phone: (562) 570-7260
Police: Internal Affairs Internal Affairs
Email: Internal.Affairs@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-7343
Utilities Dept. (Water, Gas, Sewer) Public Affairs
Email: Lauren.howland@lbutilities.org
(562) 570-2314
Disclaimer: The City of Long Beach is subject to California laws relating to public records. Emails sent or received by City employees or elected City officials are subject to these laws. Unless otherwise exempted from the provisions of the California Public Records Act, senders and receivers of City email should presume that the email is a public record subject to release upon request.