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The Department is issuing Athletic Field and Beach Permits for Youth and Adult Recreational Sports in accordance with the Appendix W. Physical distancing, face coverings and limits on observers are in compliance with State guidelines.

El Dorado Park West – 2760 Studebaker Road, Long Beach, CA 90815 (Map) 

Athletic Fields 

City Staff coordinates the reservation process of all park and beach athletic field spaces in the City of Long Beach. Sports facilities are used by many Long Beach youth and adult sports organizations and private reservations from the public for various athletic events.

For more information and to check availability of athletic fields please contact:

Gabriel Cruz
(562) 570-3204 Fax: 562-570-3152

Yeselin Martinez 
(562) 570-3204 Fax: 562-570-3152

Selected Indoor Facilities 

Staff at the Facility Reservation/Class Registration Office manages reservations for all City facilities (community centers, social halls, activity rooms, etc.) including the Pan American Gym, Silverado Park Gym, and Cesar Chavez School Gym. These facilities are reserved for events such as meetings, birthday parties, baby / wedding showers, banquets, etc.

For more information and to check availability of these facilities please contact:

Facility Reservation/Class Registration Office 562-570-3111, ext. 1 Fax: 562-570-3113

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine Administration Office is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19 restriction. 

Weekly Community Reservations of Park Sports Fields

Contact the Facility Reservations office (562-570-3111 ext. 1) or the Athletic Field and Beach Permitting office (562-570-3204) to schedule an appointment for assistance with requests that cannot be handled via email or phone.

Monday 10/18/2021
Tuesday 10/19/2021
Wednesday 10/20/2021
Thursday 10/21/2021
Friday 10/22/2021
Saturday 10/23/2021
Sunday 10/24/2021

Note: The schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Permit Forms 

Please Note: The schedule is subject to change without prior notice