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Naples Mooring and Construction Permits

Naples Annual Seawall Permits

An Annual Seawall Permit is required for every boat moored adjacent to a waterfront property in the Long Beach Marina area. The property owner is responsible for processing the permit for vessels moored at his dock regardless of the ownership of the vessels. The property owner is also responsible for cancellation of the same permits.


  • The annual fee per ft. per year based on the overall length of the vessel.
  • The fee is extended to the next foot if the length of the vessel is one inch over.
  • The fee is due and payable January 1, of each year.
  • Permits effective after January 1, are pro-rated.

Other Requirements:

  • Proof of property ownership
  • Proof of vessel ownership
  • Permit is not transferable to another party
  • Vessels must remain within pierhead and property line boundaries 
  • Vessel is able to operate under it's own power
  • No liveaboards
  • No commercial usage

All City of Long Beach Codes, Parks, Recreation and Marine Bureau Policies and Marina Rules and Regulations that pertain to the seawalls are in effect. Please contact Vilma Hernandez at Vilma.Hernandez@longbeach.gov, or (562)570-3239 for additional information.

Naples Mooring

Dock Construction

Please notify the Marine Bureau in writing prior to any dock work. We will need to know the type of dock work that you are considering. We will be happy to discuss what is minor and major work. To prevent delays in construction it is important that you contact our office and understand the Harbor Structure Construction Permit process.

Failure to obtain a proper construction permit will result in a $1,000.00 fine, the stoppage of construction of the dock and cancellation of the Seawall Permit.

For any questions regarding dock construction, new ownership, water allowance encroachments, potential new ownership of waterfront homes or seawall permits please contact Vilma Hernandez at Vilma.Hernandez@longbeach.gov, or (562)570-3239 for additional information.