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Partnership Program to Foster Support For LBPRM

Release Date: 2017-08-22

New Partnership Program to Foster Support For LBPRM

The Parks, Recreation and Marine (LBPRM) “Partnerships to Enhance Parks, Programs and Services” (PEPPS) can help individuals, businesses and organizations participate in sponsorships, donation opportunities and volunteer projects that will improve LBPRM facilities, programs and services, but position the partner in a positive way in the community. 

PEPPS consolidates the City Sponsorship policy, LBPRM Fee Waiver policy and Right of Entry permits, and agreements for facility use and the provision of programs and services into one process. A set of Guiding Principals will determine the selection of sponsors. 

Successful applicants will have a track record of success, demonstrate financial capacity and ensure that their program or service will be inclusive and free of participation barriers. 

Learn more about PEPPS.