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Recreation Park 4900 E. 7th St.



4900 E. 7th St.
(562) 570-1670
(229 acres)

This sprawling 210.9-acre recreation center in the southeast section of town is home to 18 and 9-hole golf courses, Billie Jean King Tennis Center, a lawn bowling green and both Joe Rodgers Field and Blair Field. The community center offers a wide range of art, walking, fitness and aerobic classes. The center is also a meeting place for many community groups and private reservations. A reserved picnic site is also available for large picnic groups. For reservations, call (562) 570-3111.

Dog Park at Recreation Park

  • History

    This park is located east of Park Avenue, between Anaheim and Colorado Streets. The City purchased this park in 1923 after passage of a voter approved bond issue. All but a small portion was acquired in March 1923, with other parcels added from time to time. In 1919, a 18-hole golf course was built by Col. Charles Drake and members of the private Virginia Country Club, where Recreation Park is now located. In 1921, their lease expired and they moved to adjacent to Rancho Los Cerritos. The City leased the ground and took an option to purchase the land, which they exercised after the voter approved bond issue in 1923. In 1926 the course greens were transformed from sand to turf. The original Blair Field with 1,000 seats was constructed in 1924. The current stadium replaced the original field in 1957.

    The Casting Club in the park was established in 1925. The clubhouse was expanded in 1996 to add an interior restroom with funding from the casting club, and the City corrected cracks in the casting pond and drainage around the pool. The clubhouse was completely renovated in 2009 following a fire in 2008.

    The nine-hole golf course was built in 1928. When the new clubhouse was built at the 18-hole course, the old clubhouse was moved to the nine-hole course, rebuilt, and converted. It was demolished and replaced by the current structure in 1956.

    The bowling greens adjoining the golf course, at East 11th Street and Park Avenue, are of recognized international size, 126 feet square. The clubhouse for the lawn bowling club was constructed in 1929.

    The Recreation Park Band Shell was built in the 1920's, but no date has been confirmed. It is a City of Long Beach designated landmark used in many States Picnics and for Municipal Band concerts for years. Plans have been developed to replace the arbors that flanked the bandshell, but funding for that work has not been obtained. The Band Shell was repaired to current seismic standards in 1995 with Los Angeles County Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Act of 1992 funds.

    In 1948, Joe Rogers Field was constructed as a softball stadium with bleachers. A restroom was constructed in 1983. Then, a maintenance building, new lighting, fencing and bleachers were added 1996 with Los Angeles County Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Act of 1992 funds.

    In 1957, the "Bruin Den", a community recreation center building was constructed in the section of the park south of 7th Street. The area, known as the Woodlands area, is heavily landscaped with a Eucalyptus forest including picnic facilities.

    In 1962, the first oil drilling started in the park, north of 7th Street and east of Federation Drive. In 1965, the City Council dedicated Park Avenue through Recreation Park, from 7th Street to Anaheim Street (formerly a park drive) as a public street. Also in 1965, the Park Commission approved the general development plan.

    In 1972 the grandstands were added to the Billie Jean Moffat King Tennis Center.

    A new playground was added in 2002 with funding from the Los Angeles County Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Act of 1996 and Park Impact Fees.

    The first Dog Park in Long Beach was established in 1996 at 5201 E. 7th Street in a section of Recreation Park adjoining the 18-hole golf course and north of the Fly Casting Pond. The site has been expanded to over one-acre due to its popularity. The facility is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., except on occasional Mondays before noon for maintenance. The park is lighted at night.

  • Amenities

    Baseball Field, Casting Pond, Community Center, Dog Park, Golf Course, Lawn Bowling Green, Picnic Area, Playground, Tennis Center, Restrooms, Youth Recreation, Adult Classes.

  • Playground

    The Recreation Park playground reopened on June 14, 2022 after a renovation that provides safe, updated facilities for hours of play and exploration. The renovations include two new separate age-appropriate playground structures for children ages 2 to 5 and 5 to 12. Rubberized surfacing allows playground enthusiasts of all abilities to access each of the different types of play offered including, swinging, balancing, climbing, sliding and spinning. Playground panels include American Sign Language basics to interact with all playground users and interactive play areas include features such as a “Dino Excavation Zone” digging area, multiple dinosaur structures, a megaphone and color play. Xylophone and bongo drums offer playground users an auditory experience. 

    Recreation Park Playground Dino Area

    Enhanced outdoor recreational features include a skateboard park element, new picnic tables and seating, in addition to landscaping beatification such as new trees and turf. Park amenities were designed with the forethought of improving accessibility infrastructure to promote inclusive play and recreation and to increase ADA accessibility.  The $1.9 million project was made possible through Measure A funds which has resulted in repairs and upgrades to many Long Beach parks and facilities.

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