Nature Programs


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Join us at the Nature Center for fun and exploration this summer!  Children will experience nature through investigation, hands-on activities, games and crafts. See the schedule below.   

10 a.m.– noon. For children ages 3 - 5 years old. Children
must be potty-trained. This is not a parent-participation class. $100 per week.

Adventure Friends – June 24th-28th Class #62978                                                                                Calling all Heeler friends! Do you have a sense of adventure like Bluey and Bingo? Join us for a fun week of games as we use our imagination and curiosity to learn about the trails. We’ll make barky boats, play keepy-uppy and end the week with passing the parcel!

A Bug’s Life – July 15th-19th – Class #62979
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live as a bug? Join us at the Nature Center as we dig, dig, dig! Let’s explore the world of life under leaves, logs, and soil. Who lives there and how do they survive? 

Palette of Nature – July 29th-August 2nd – Class #62980
Join us as we experiment with a variety of art mediums and materials. We’ll surround ourselves with a different color every day and explore some things in nature that match! From yellow birds and blue streams to red bugs and green plants, the Nature Center is a rainbow of discovery. Get inspired to make your own art!

Bubble Fizz Boom – August 12th-16th – Class #62981
Have a blast at the Nature Center this summer with hands-on science play! We’ll explore the world around us with gooey, slimy, and foamy experiments, activities, and more. Dress for a mess and be ready for fun in the sun.


9 a.m.-noon. For youth ages 5 - 8 years old.
Children must have completed kindergarten. $120 per week.

In the Habitats – July 8th-12th – Class #62974
Hop on the Magic Camp Bus as we ride our way through different habitats! Tag along with a Naturalist and their lizard friend as they take on a new and exciting adventure each day around the Nature Center.

Wildlife Crossing – July 22nd-26th –Class #62975
The Nature Center is like a village for a variety of different animals. Get to know the daily lives of our furry, feathery, and scaly villagers. Explore the trails and learn about the different critters that choose to call them home. 

Call of the Wild – August 5th-9th – Class #62976
Once upon a time, there was a Nature Center…full of sounds! The animals around us are teeming with rich tales of life and adventure. From the rustling of bugs in leaves, to the hoots of an owl, and the chattering of a squirrel, let’s use our exploration skills to discover what the world around us has to say.

It’s Way Better with Water – August 19th-23rd – Class #62977
There’s no better way to battle the heat of a summer day than with a little water play. Join us as we explore all the fun and science-y things to do with something we can’t live without, H20!

Family Night Walks
What do the animals do at night?  Find out on a naturalist-led exploration of the darkened trails of the Nature Center. 6 – 8 P.M.  All ages.  $5 per person.  Children under 2 are free.
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**Registration begins May 6

June 20th - 62982
July 18th - 62983 

**Registration begins July 1

August 1st - 62984
August 15th - 62985
August 29th - 62986
September 5th - 62987
September 19th – 62988